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A New Website That Can Display The Past Performance Of Our Nigerian Leaders Has Been Created

Have you ever sat down to browse through the historical records and achievements of some Nigerian leaders? If so, Then you will admit it can be quite a hassle.

One of the issue Nigeria still face is the lack of proper data-keeping. This has caused a lot of confusion as many people find these records from different source with different information.

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A team of technical experts known as “OluBrain Technologies” has put together a simple website that lists all our past and present leaders with their brief profiles and a list of projects they have completed.

Our leaders
Our Leaders
Our Leaders
The website’s layout is very simple. When you visit OurLeaders.Africa, You will be greeted with a simple homepage with the list of popular leaders and as well a search bar to enable you easily search through hundreds of profiles.

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This is a welcomed development and we do hope a thing like this survives through the first year.


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