KanesWeb Hosting Review: Is It The Right Host For You

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A week ago, We got in touch with Kanes Web Hosting Support and we asked for a 1 week free hosting on their unlimited hosting package. We wanted to go in deep and do an in-depth review of the host.


According to KanesWeb, They claim their unlimited hosting package has 3X the speed of their regular budget hosting package with premium SSD servers. Hence, We decided to put the speed to the test first.

Procedures outlined below:

i. We installed WordPress via Softaculous

ii. Installed Jannah premium WP theme and imported one of the demos

iii. Enabled the theme’s pre-bundled Caching feature. After these configurations and settings, We did a GTMetrix Speed test on the site and we got a pretty decent result.

Although, These results were good but we knew there was room for improvements.

We decided to install jetpack and activate its photon module. What this does is to take all images on your server and upload them to the server and serve it to your visitors from there remotely. This service is very useful and is pretty much a CDN feature.

After activating the module, We waited a few minutes and then did another GTMetrix Test on the site. The new results were amazing…

Page size decreased by 52% but sadly Load Time increase by 1.1s. Again, These values were not bad but we still felt there was room for more.

This time, We installed a caching plugin called WP Super Cache and configured it. We waited a few minutes and did another test with GTMetrix.

This was when the load time skyrocketed and decreased by 3.5s.

We bet with more proper caching mechanisms added, We would get a 90%+ PageSpeed score.

Verdict: The server’s speed is quite impressive and lives up to its expectation.

Rating: 80%


Uptime is a very important key factor when it comes to web hosting. Many web hosts guarantee 99.9% uptime but fail to live up-to their promise.

According to Kanes Web Hosting, They guarantee 99% uptime on all their hosting packages. They already had a service activated which monitors their uptime on their server’s end, But we decided to still test out how they fare on the client’s end.

As earlier said, We had jetpack installed and activated the “Monitor” module. What this does is that it runs 24/7 on your site and checks for any form of invalid response on your site and then sends a report to your email. During this 1 week test period, I recorded two downtimes, both not lasting more than 5 minutes.

The first screen shot below was taken on Tuesday, While the other was taken on Wednesday.

Those were the only downtimes i could record during this one week interval and in my personal opinion, It’s quite fascinating.

Rating: 90%

Disk Space Analysis

Having a host with low disk space allocation is pretty annoying. The disk space is where all your site’s posts, images, videos, scripts, and etc are stored.

In this particular aspect, KanesWeb Promised an Unlimited Allocation to its clients. We decided to do a little in-depth analysis on this and we found out that it’s not actually exactly unlimited.

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This test was carried out using two plugins called: Server status and Wordfence; Since their CPanel Dashboard doesn’t exactly show the amount of disk space available and used.

Server status reported that 1,006GB 70% used out of 1.41TB.

Wordfence reported that 438GB was left out of 1,443GB.

In these two reports, The both plugin showed that the server had 1.41TB(Which is also 1,443GB Total disk space. They also showed that 30%(which is also 438GB) was still available to the user.

These reports are very confusing as I’ve only used about 90MB and not 1TB as portrayed in the reports.

Rating: 40%

Let’s Encrypt™ SSL Support


SSL(Secured Sockets Layer) or ‘HTTPS(HyperText Transfer Protocol Secured)’ is a form of added layer of security. All data being transferred from the visitor to the server are encrypted in such a way that it would be very difficult for hackers to snoop in on these data and hack your site.

An example of such data would be a password like: ‘Password’ transformed into ‘Ez532S/[email protected]!?903c$’. I can’t imagine a human being able to read and understand that.

What is Let’s Encrypt™

Let’s Encrypt™ is a non-profit CA that offers free SSL Certificate to website owners. These are like normal SSL certificates from COMODO and RapidSSL except it doesn’t really offer much encryption.

It uses AES_256_GCM encryption, A Modern Cypher Suite and a TLS 1.2 connection. It also uses ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism.

How To Activate Let’s Encrypt™ SSL

Simply log into your KanesWeb CPanel, Goto the Security Tab >> Click on Let’s Encrypt™ SSL.

You will see a checklist of all your subdomains, Check them all and click Generate. If all goes well, You will see a success message.

Below is a Screen Shot of a domain in my KanesWeb Cpanel that already has SSL from Let’s Encrypt™ activated.

Rating: 100%

PHP Cross Version Switching Support

If you aren’t very much of a programmer or someone who likes to try out new possibilities, Then you can skip this section.

PHP is a type of language just like python or HTML and a host of others. It stands for ‘Personal Home Page’ and it is the core foundation of CMS scripts like WordPress.

At this time, KanesWeb only supports the native PHP version 5.6 which is a standard PHP version. Many CMS scripts like WordPress still support it. it is still till date the most stable PHP version.

Rating: 60%

Automated Backups

Backups are something every website owner can’t do without. Whether you manage a big website for a firm or you run a small private blog, Backups are very important.

KanesWeb does offer ability to take a full site backup and as well a restoration feature. Although, They lacked the automated functionality. This shouldn’t be much of an issue if you run a site built on WordPress or you installed a script using Softaculous where you can automate the backups and restore it.

Rating: 60%

Rating Summary

Disk Space
SSL Support
PHP Versions
Backup Automation
User Rating: 3.1 ( 3 votes)

Final Verdict: It was quite a fun and exciting review and we want to specially thank KanesWeb for providing us a free premium hosting space to perform this review.


Emmanuel Okolonta

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  1. Thanks Emmanuel, for the unbiased review. However, with respect to automated backups, we would like to point out that IT IS NOT AN ADVERTISED SERVICE by Us.

    Also, our Unlimited Hosting package at has a tier 1 limit of 1TB. If by chance any of our users happen to use up their allocated 1TB space, we offer a (free migration) tier 2 plan of UNLIMITED bandwidth and space.
    But from our experience, less than 1% of customers usually use up to 1TB.

    1. Hi Kanesweb, You are very much welcome. I admit, The automated backups wasn’t an advertised feature, But it is something that would really benefit alot.
      Concerning point 2, It wasn’t made clear to me that it is capped at 1TB. But the unexplained part is, How did i use upto 70% of the capped limit when my installation is only 90MB?

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