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Lenovo Z5: What Might Be The World’s First True All Screen Smartphone

The Lenovo Z5 might be the world’s first true ‘all screen’. The Lenovo vice president Chang Cheng has released another teaser of the device on the popular Chinese social network: Weibo.

The idea of this whole “all screen agenda” was first introduced by Apple when it released the iPhone X. It wasn’t long until after many Android phone companies started imitating it and making phones with even higher screen-to-body ratio.

This followed an earlier release of what is believed to be the same Smartphone on Weibo. The teaser showed only a portion of the device and I must admit, It does have an elegant design. The device is claimed to feature an impressive screen-to-body ratio of 95%. The vice president also said that the Smartphone will feature 4 technological breakthroughs and 18 patented Technologies. But unfortunately, No further details were provided.

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It’s no trend that technology is evolving at an all time rate. Features such as in-display fingerprint sensors and ultrasound proximity sensors are now a reality. We won’t be surprised to see the front camera embedded into the screen of the Lenovo Z5.

Lenovo’s purchase of Motorola mobility from Google for $2.19 Billion we thought would bring the company back to the top has disappointed. But with this, We know Lenovo will stop at nothing to make a hit device that will capture the world’s attention.


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