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NCC Statistics: MTN, Airtel And Etisalat Loses Subscribers…..Glo Didn’t

The following statistical data shared by NCC shows that there are more than 150 Million active Telecommunications lines using CDMA, GSM or VoIP network  connections active. Data contributes more to the networks’ growth.

telecom chart e1494366086557 - NCC Statistics: MTN, Airtel And Etisalat Loses Subscribers.....Glo Didn't
Chart on active subscribers on major telecoms companies in Nigeria (NCC Report, March 2017)

The statistical data as recorded from March – April by NCC shows that, All Nigerian telecommunications lost more than 1.66 Million Users in their GSM networks. According to NCC, All network experienced loss in the amount of their subscribers during this period……..Except Globacom.

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MTN showed a loss of 60,391,959 Users, Airtel had a loss of 34,656,605 Users, Etisalat had lost 566,408 Users as well.

Globacom Unsurprisingly, Has a total of 37,328,827 Users. Therefore, Gaining about 78,372 New Users as against February data which showed a total of  37,250,455 Users.


All data above were recorded from March analytics. Glo, Which seemed to have gained new Users might lose them because of their recent slashing of data volume by half.

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MTN still holds the biggest market share of 39.73%, Which is followed by Glo having a Market Share of 24.56%, Airtel has 22.80% and Etisalat has 12.91%.

telco share - NCC Statistics: MTN, Airtel And Etisalat Loses Subscribers.....Glo Didn't
Nigeria GSM market distribution (NCC Report, March 2017)

Ntel also seemed to have gained more Users as well…….Ntel which had 53,586 Users as at February now standing tall with an increase of 5,004 Users, Therefore having a new total of 58,590 Users Despite their hike in Data prices.

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