What Has Been Going On “Behind The Scenes”

It’s been quite a while DTNet received an update. The good news is that, It hasn’t exactly been deserted all this while.

Dating back to May, We decided to migrate from our previous host to a new one. It first started out as a successful migration but then issues started arising. First starting with the database, Our database from our previous host was somehow bugged. We kept receiving thousands of brute force attempts daily despite the fact that all our virus scanners showed no sign of malicious activities in our codes. Implementation of minification became a nightmare as any attempt to enable CSS minification would instantly break the site apart and a whole lot of other issues.

We came to a decision that we will reinstall WordPress and start afresh. So we did and recovered only our posts, pages and images as all plugins, themes and database was completely lost. After setting things up again, We noticed my server was having issues with remote_get() function. What “remote_get()” means is the basic function a server needs to communicate with another remote server for end-to-end remote transfers. This made the automation of backup transfer by UpdraftPlus plugin to Google Drive or any other remote storage impossible. jetPack plugin functionalities became thing of the past as i couldn’t connect to wordpress.com remotely anymore.

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This went on for a couple of weeks with messages flying back and forth between us and our host support. They initially claimed they had no idea about it, then they admitted the had disabled remote_get() due to “security hardening”(other hosts allowing it are now stupid ba). We finally threatened to leave them and give a very very bad review of their host. It wasn’t until then they told us they can transfer my site to another server that allows remote_get() at no extra charge. They could have said that long ago but they didn’t.

Anyways, yesterday they performed the migration and after 24 hours of setup including cloudflare, DTNet is now back and better. we promise regular updates and instant reply to enquires.


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    1. Well, i suggest you request your host transfer your site to another server that allows remote connection. But be advised to make a backup via UpdraftPlus plugin to your Google Drive before requesting the transfer so as not to loose your data after the migration.

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